Names for Jarvis places?

It's been a long time coming, but I finally was able to put together an aerial map composite from several TerraServer satellite images that I had saved way back in 2002. Interestingly, they had not been update as of September 2009, although the formatting of the TerraServer web site has changed, and the scale of those images is different. They were captured on April 10th, 2002, after the changes had been made increasing the size of the enclosed area, expanding the ponds, building the viewing platform, and putting in the new fence. Amazingly, the new fence line was clearly visible, and I have "painted" it in and enhanced the contrast of the area inside the fence so that some features are more visible.

Since then, the TerraServer images have been replaced by ones captured on 1 July 2008, giving overhead views of the fully leafed-out trees of the Sanctuary which, of course, obscures most of the fence and even some of the paths. This is the same situation with Google maps; Bing maps have what are apparently fall images, with the colors of some of the trees decidedly not green. The dates of the images on either site aren't available, but the Bing maps still show the standing hickory at the west edge of the marsh, which has been down now for at least 2 1/2 years. The Google map is much more current - the images show the sidewalk gone east of the totem pole, so that puts them after July 2010.

The next thing that I've done is to put some names to some of the geographic features, so that we can have a common way to refer to certain areas where we're working, and so we can find our way around a little easier. See what you think. Any suggestions are appreciated and nothing is "set in stone", except for maybe the "marsh" and the "grotto". Take a look:

aerial photo of Jarvis Sanctuary from 2002

There are 7 ridges running east and west, and 6 swales, inside the fence. "Prickly Ash Ridge" is really a continuation of "Hyacinth Ridge" that angles northwest, joining "Tulip Tree Ridge" and blocking "Black Currant Swale" from draining to the marsh. All the other swales theoretically could drain to the marsh, I believe, although the sewer under the south swale would undoubtedly make that moot.

The oak savanna is the one area that continues outside the fence, and we'll be striving to make the fence demarcation as small as possible in that area. Around the rest of the Sanctuary fence, the areas outside are generally somewhat different from the areas inside, and will probably remain that way for a while. Our long-term goal continues to be the same, though: to make the areas immediately outside the fence continuations of the habitat immediately adjacent on the inside.



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