A Time to Seed

The seed we ordered through the CPD has arrived, so it's time to start preparing and seeding Barry Burton's Grove and the new fenced off area at the northwest corner. At the Saturday March 12th workday, assuming we're relatively snow-free, we'll start by preparing these areas. While the west side doesn't need much prep work, that's not the case with the Grove. The turf grass there was herbicided last fall. The thatch that remains needs to be removed so that the seed we sow can come in contact with the soil. Large mulch beds under the shrubs were fine then, but we need to plant seed there now, so some (not all) of the mulch has to go. We'll rake all this up into piles, then place all this dead plant material and mulch into wheelbarrows and dump it in the equipment yard next to the "shed". We should have quite a pile when it's all done.

The seed we've gotten from the CPD will be mixed with seed we collected last year. Some of this seed is currently being stratified in various refrigerators around the area, so it will have to come back to Jarvis for planting. The rest of it's cold stratification will happen naturally, as it sits through the freeze and thaw cycles over the next several weeks.

We'll be doing a lot of raking, as we'll also need to rake in the seed we spread. We'll add some annual rye to the mix as cover crop - and after we rake in the seed, we'll spread some extra out there as sparrow food, as these little guys are starting to arrive in numbers. There's no way to stop them from eating some of the seed, but we'd rather have them eat the cheap seeds and not our expensive ones.




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