Tree planting beginning May 12th; field trip postponed

First, the field trip planned for May 6th was postponed. Perhaps we can try again on May 20th to get to Warren Woods and Sarrett Nature Center.

Next, our schedule has changed again, this time because of plant availability. We thought the trees and shrubs weren't going to be available until June and July, but it turns out the forbs aren't going to be available until June, and the trees are ready now, so that means we get to start planting trees first. Actually, that makes sense for our planting plans; we were going to hold off on planting the understory in the areas where we're putting the trees until late June or July; now we can do that sooner.

So for the first phase, we'll be planting 3 white oaks, 2 shagbark hickories, an ironwood and a blue beech in the northeast corner, where the Norway maples were removed this past winter. We'll also be putting in the first of a large number of ferns of 5 different species. Other trees, including pin oaks, a prairie crab and more blue beeches will be planted starting May 26th. We also have shrubs coming, some of which will be planted then. These will be accompanied by flowers, sedges, grasses and ferns; and on top of that, we'll be sowing more native grass and sedge seed to accompny these plantings.

We won't be disturbing any of the higher quality plants (like glade mallow) that are already there, although we may need to move some of the more common plants around a bit.

This is the beginning of implementing the long terms goals we're outlining in the new management plan. It's going to be a busy summer at Jarvis!


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